“The performance at Taste of Diversity by Devi Bollywood was graceful and strong” -DJ KO

 “It was a beautiful, performance! Graceful and mesmerizing” -Katja (Siena College Audience Member)

“Wonderful experience ! My husband and I reached out to Gaitrie to see if she would be willing to perform at our wedding and teach us the choreography to a portion of a dance that we could surprise our guests with. He and I have absolutely no dance experience but Gaitrie was incredibly patient and worked with us at our level to teach us. She choreographed the dance with steps that were easy for us to learn, helped us pick a song and mixed all of the music so it was easy for the DJ to play. Our guests have said that the performance was the highlight of the reception and I have to agree! The ladies who performed were incredibly talented and you can tell they truly enjoy dancing. If you are concerned that you cannot be taught- please try anyway. Even if your dance is not perfect, Gaitrie will help you feel confidant” -Abby 

“I visited Siena College, my alma mater, this past Friday just to see Devi Bollywood Dance perform. They were nothing short of amazing. They captivated the audience, and were so energetic and moved swiftly yet gracefully. I loved the song selection and started singing and dancing along in my seat. It was also definitely interesting hearing about the dancers and all of their different backgrounds. All of these women are so admirable. I highly recommend Devi Bollywood Dance to anyone looking to enjoy their night” -Amrita