Thank you to the 400+ guests who came to see the On-School Time Performance of FIND YOUR BEAT! Your joy and enthusiasm helped to make the event a complete success! Also, thank you to Devi Bollywood Performing Arts and Gaitrie Subryan for sharing their stories and being a part of this fantastic partnership!


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Gaitrie Subryan selected as one of the eighteen WNY Artists to receive $10,000 in NYSCA Funding! 

Arts Services Inc. congratulates the 18 Western New York artists who have been awarded a $10,000 grant each from the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA). The grants, part of the Support for Artists program, will fund various artistic projects to be completed in 2024 through Fiscal Sponsorship.

These grants represent a portion of the $46 million in NYSCA grant awards to support more than 500 artists and over 1,000 arts and cultural organizations across the state.

The funding received by these eighteen individuals will be used for the completion of artistic projects that will allow for significant growth in their development as an artist. 

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Mesmerizing Performance of “The Bayadere” at Cappa Theater

Jamestown – In a spellbinding display of cultural storytelling, “The Bayadere” unfolded on November 2, 2003, at the Cappa Theater located inside the esteemed Robert H. Jackson Center. Presented by Sukanya Burman Dance, the performance skillfully depicted the lives of three women across distinct historical periods, all sharing the unique connection of the Devadasi lineage.

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This exhibition seamlessly blends the diverse expertise and talents of these three artists, culminating in an immersive experience for the audience. The central idea revolves around the photographic capture of cultural Indian dance and costume, with these elements subsequently serving as the inspiration for the creation of large-scale sculptures.

Photo credit: Living in the Buff Art Media

Interview with Canvas Rebel

Is there mission driving your creative journey? My goal is to keep my culture and tradition alive and to have my children know more about who they are and where they come from. How can we best help foster a strong, supportive environment for artists and creatives? If you do this for us, you will get so much exposure” As an artist who has been in this field for 15 years, I have heard this so many times. Every time I am asked to teach, perform, host, or collaborate, this is always the first thing that is said. “When we devalue the art, we devalue the artist.” -Gaitrie

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Devi Bollywood Performing Arts was founded in 2013 by choreographer and performer Gaitrie Subryan – you can find her story here. Now, Gaitrie has produced a show that tells the story of a young immigrant girl’s yearning to learn more about her ancestors’ voyage from Bihar, India to Guyana, South America. Read More >

What is CreativeMornings?

CreativeMornings is a free breakfast speaker series that happens every month in cities around the world. Here in Buffalo, we formed a chapter to join the collective in 2016. Entirely through volunteerism, we’ve welcomed nearly 100 of the city’s thought leaders to the stage, building community and sustainability around the idea of creativity as a universal resource. 

Gaitrie’s creative process stems from a number of things; in the past, it has been from love, family, friends and now as a mom of three it is influenced by her children and the journey of being an entrepreneur. A lot of her newer creations have focused on courage, resilience, and strength, all of which are fitting in these roles. As a choreographer, she pulls from her experiences and the possibilities. Her work emphasizes liveliness, authenticity, and transformation and aims to allow the audience to have the experience to feel, rather than to sit and watch. 

What’s New with ChoreoLab?

ChoreoLab is a performance and choreographic research laboratory for faculty, graduate and undergraduate dance students, and guest artists. Gaitrie Subryan created a very special piece for this show titled “Agni (Fire Within)

“My family is originally from India. We came from Bihar as indentured servants, and so during that time, it was really just your religion and your culture that you really held onto,” she said.” Read More >

Gaitrie Subryan appeared on Wake Up! Friday morning to discuss her movie that focused on domestic violence called Speak Up, Speak Out. The film tells “a story through movement, music and dance.” Read More >

The Spark Awards is ASI’s annual awards celebration where outstanding individuals and organizations in the Western New York arts community are recognized for their dedication, talent, and impact on the sector.

Arts Organization of the Year: Finalists Buffalo Opera Unlimited, CEPA GalleryLocust Street Neighborhood Art Classes

Artist of the Year: Finalists Chantal Calato, Jalen A. Law, Stephen Solook

Arts Integration Thembi Duncan, Shea’s PAC, and the Buffalo Police Department’s Body Language Competency Training for New Recruits

DEC Program of the Year Defiant Monkey Improv’s “The Brain of Dr. Delgado”

Leading Where You Are Nancy Clarke Mariani, Michael Quinniey, Jose Rodriguez, Gaitrie Subryan

Lifetime Achievement Patrick Fagan

Rising Star Nicole Cooke, WNY Book Arts Center

Supporter of the Cultural Sector Cullen Foundation

Trailblazer of the Arts Aitina Fareed-Cooke

Unsung Hero Joan Fishburn

Pandemic/Parenthood Interview: Gaitrie Subryan

“Surrounding myself with people that understand me as a mom and artist is also helpful because they remind me that this is not permanent. And the lessons I am learning here will meet me on the stage.” – Gaitrie Subryan

How has your creative community changed over the past year?

I’ve been building direct connections for my podcast, Beyond the Studio, and it’s not just dancers. Artists share their stories and it grows the creative community I have. They make a connection with my audience, and this reminds them that their journey matters.

What is a habit you have to fight against?

Trying to control everything. The pandemic was a lesson I needed. I am very stubborn. I cannot control everything. It’s impossible! The only thing I can control is how I react to things. It took 38 years for me to get there and I still have trouble sometimes!

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Gaitrie Subryan: Shimmying with Shakti

ABuffalo transplant via the Bronx, by way of Guyana, Gaitrie has filled a cultural gap that perhaps we didn’t know existed. Think about Bollywood and Bollywood dance — do you know what it is? Bollywood is a term for films that are created in India, typically featuring song and dance numbers. There is no single set style for the dancing — it is a mixture of classical Indian dance and other modern dance, with all types of influences from all around the world, up to and including salsa, hip hop, and belly dancing. It could be called the melting pot of dance. Now think about classical Indian dance — did you think it was one specific style? There are as many styles of classical dance as there are regions in India, and then add in a whole lot more.’

Gaitrie Subryan named 2022 Ignite Awardee!

This year the WBC honored 5 women for their dedication and hardwork as female entrepreneurs, business owners, and self-sarters: Rosanna Berardi,  Robbie Raugh, Carley J. Hill, Nakiea S. Cook, and Gaitrie Subryan. 

The  Women’s Business Center held a luncheon on May 13th to celebrate the winners of the 5th Annual Ignite Awards! The awards were created to bring the business community together with women entrepreneurs to support their business growth and foster a thriving economy. 



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